Frequently Asked Questions

What is baby yoga?

Baby yoga is the shared practice of gentle strokes, moves and holds between a carer (usually Mummy or Daddy) and their baby. It is based on traditional Hatha yoga moves that are scaled to suit babies and the postnatal body, and on childrearing practices from other cultures.

Baby yoga can calm a fractious baby, and can stimulate an inquisitive baby – it is a great way to interact and bond with your child – playing mindfully, to help encourage their natural development.

Is it yoga just for my baby, or are there exercises for me too?

The primary focus of the classes is on moves and holds with baby, but we also spend a bit of time each session doing simple, gentle moves that are designed to help your body regain strength and flexibility post birth.

I’m a Dad / primary carer that isn’t the biological mother – can I bring baby to class?

Yes, of course. We welcome anyone who wants to bring along their baby and join in. The moves are designed to be gentle with mind to the body post-birth, but gentle exercises work for everyone – and modifications can always be offered too.

Can I bring an older child along to class too?

If you are unable to get childcare for an older sibling, then yes, bring them along to class with you. Bring a dolly or a teddy – they can join in the class with their own ‘baby’, or they can join in some moves themselves. By involving them in the class, it could even encourage closer sibling bonding.

Which class should I attend?

The new babies class is suitable for babies from 12 weeks until they are confidently mobile – that is able to move around themselves, be it bum shuffling, crawling, cruising… Then they can move onto the baby movers class – which they can attend until they are 18 months old.

My baby is 19 months old, can I still come to class?

At this point in time, I can only take babies up to 18 months old. I will be doing further training later in the year to qualify in teaching toddler yoga, and then children’s/family yoga. Watch this space!

I can’t afford classes, do you offer discounts?

I know starting a family /growing a family can be hard on the purse strings, and I really believe that yoga can be a massive benefit to that growing family. If you are unable to afford classes, but really want to attend, please get in touch, my intention is to offer a few free/discounted places each year. These may be on existing paying courses, or I may signpost you to whatever organisation I am gifting my classes at the time.